More Gaps to Mind…

If you’ve read the recent Mind the Gap blog post you might be thinking:

“That’s all very well and good but what would be really useful is a Pdf version of the post that’s been designed in the style of the recent Sociology Shortcuts Magazine Issue 3 with all kinds of pictures and stuff or, even better, an online Flipbook version that’s a bit like a magazine where you can turn the pages, just like the real thing. But without the ink coming off on your fingers”.

Or words to that effect.

I’m not entirely sure because I’m not a mind reader.

But if you were thinking along those lines then you’re in luck because now you and / or your students can read all about a new piece of research that links gender identities to educational achievement in a way that helpfully takes in the notion of school subcultures – or youth subcultures more generally if you want to stretch things a little further.

It also contains a short section on the idea of “effortless achievement” and it’s significance as an integral part of a broad masculine worldview shared across all social classes (but guess which classes take it seriously…).

As you’ll see if you have a look at either the pdf or flipbook version of the file, I’ve called it “Education Xtra” partly because that kind of nu-style nomenclature appeals to “The Kids”, apparently, and partly because it’s about Education and contains “additional (or “xtra!”) material” to the kind you’re likely to find in textbooks (i.e. it goes into more-depth and provides more discussion material).

Whether or not that’s “A Good Thing” is something for you to decide (and you can always just give them the “Key Points” if you’re a Key Points kind of person).

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