Mind Changers

Mind Changers was a long-running BBC Radio series broadcast between 2003 – 2015 that “explored the development of the science of psychology during the 20th century” – something achieved through a series of 30-minute interviews with / about some of the major psychological thinkers of the past century.

The 33 episodes currently in the BBC Archive will be mainly of interest to psychology teachers and students (subjects range from Little Albert and Harlow’s Monkeys, through Loftus on Eye-Witness Testimony to Carol Dweck and Growth Mindset) but there are a number of cross-over studies that sociology teachers and students will find useful too:

Rosenhan’s Pseudo-Patient Study
Mayo and the Hawthorne Effect
Bandura’s Bobo Doll Experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment
John/Joan – The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl
The Wild Boy of Aveyron
The Asch Studies of Conformity

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