Maths in Psychology

Three more documents, authored by Dr. Julia Russell and salvaged by yours-truly from the Uniview archive, these focus on the Maths in Psychology component recently introduced into the a-level the Psychology Specification.

The basic format for each document is a brief outline of a specific study followed by exam-style questions and answers to these questions. The final component is a suggested extension activity.

  1. The Apple Logo: Blake (2015)
  2. Dreaming of failing works!: Arnulf (2014)
  3. Learning Not to be Prejudiced: Lebrecht (2009)

If you prefer your pictures moving, we’ve produced a range of introductory films, written and narrated by Deb Gajic, that take students step-by-step through a number of different statistical tests:

Sign Test

Spearman’s Rho


Chi Square



The films are now available On-Demand.

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