Lancaster Lockdown Psychology Seminar Series

Lancaster University, a place where, coincidentally, I spent 3 years of my life studying, have announced a series of “interactive live talks from experts in the Department of Psychology” that are open to anyone.

All you need is the Microsoft Teams app or you can view – and interact if you want – using a web browser.

The latter allows you to join a seminar anonymously if you so choose.

Which is either a commendable attempt to open everything up to as many people as possible or a hostage to fortune.

I’m hoping it’s the former.

A little weirdly, the advertising for the series is being posted from a Lancaster University WordPress page that seems to have been created in 2011 but never used for anything.

Until now.

So I’m guessing this is something of a mend-and-make-do effort on the part of the Psychology Department, which, if that’s the case, more power to them.

Anyway, the seminars are 30-minute talks about “contemporary areas of psychological research” with, as I’ve suggested, an interactive element in that you can ask the Speaker questions – anonymously or otherwise. The format, in this respect, is a bit like a lecture: a 30-minute talk followed by 30 minutes for participants to ask questions.

If you can’t, for whatever reason, join the seminars at the alloted time you’ll find they’ve been recorded and placed on YouTube.

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