Geographical Profiling Applied: The M25 Rapist

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Continuing the recent Crime and Criminology vibe with our films (if you’re interested in Geographic Profiling you might also be interested in it’s better-known counterpart Offender Profiling), this companion-piece to Introducing Geographical Offender Profiling complements the original film by using the example of Antoni Imiela, the man the media dubbed the M25 Rapist because the majority of his attacks occurred in and around the London orbital motorway, to demonstrate how the basic principles of geographic offender profiling outlined in the first film can be applied to a real-life criminal investigation in the UK.

Geographic Offender Profiling: The M25 Rapist draws on the experience of Detective Colin Johnson, one of the UK’s leading geographic profilers, to illustrate how Imiela – convicted in 2004 of the rape of 9 women and girls, plus the indecent assault and attempted rape of his first victim, a 10 year-old girl – was eventually caught using the application of principles developed by geographic profiling.

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