GCSE Sociology Revision Booklets

From time-to-time I come across GCSE Sociology resources that I think are worth passing-on to teachers and students and these two documents are no exception.

Because if they were I wouldn’t be linking to them. Obviously.

The first is a Revision Pack created by C Pym of Whalley Range High School. It covers the 2022 exam series so you’ll need to ignore the couple of pages covering “Advanced Information” that was issued for those COVID-affected exams.

I could have removed the pages but was too lazy to bother thought I’d leave them be as my small contribution to the historical record.

The Pack covers Family, Education, Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification plus a little bit of Research Methods (a Knowledge Organiser and Glossary), with each topic given its own:

  • Glossary
  • Key Studies
  • Practice Questions
GCSE Research Methods

The Pack is completed by a selection of sentence starters and model answers and a Mark Scheme for the 12-mark question.

To complement the Revision Pack I’ve added a Research Methods Booklet created by Simon Lewis of The Polesworth School. This consists of general information and short, simple, exercises covering:

  • Types of data and Methods
  • Reliability, Validity and Representativeness
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of different methods
  • The Research Process
  • Types of sampling
  • Choosing a Research Method
  • Practical, Ethical and Theoretical Factors.


Out of interest I ran this post through the WordPress AI Assistent to see if it found any errors or inconsistencies. This is what the little chap had to say:

“The post content provides helpful GCSE Sociology resources in the form of a Revision Pack and a Research Methods Booklet. The Revision Pack covers Family, Education, Crime and Deviance, Social Stratification, and Research Methods. It includes glossaries, key studies, practice questions, sentence starters and model answers, and a Mark Scheme. The Research Methods Booklet provides general information and exercises on various topics related to research methods. Both resources can be valuable for teachers and students studying GCSE Sociology.”

No specific improvements are needed for this content. It effectively introduces the resources, provides relevant details about their contents, and includes links to access them. Well done!

For some weird reason I feel quite proud…

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