Culture and Socialisation Study Guide
Study Guide

Although iGCSE Sociology is a different exam to the conventional GCSE Sociology studied in the majority of English schools, the Specification content is very similar for both in terms of the general areas studied (Inequality, Family, Methods and so forth) and the specific content studied within each area.

This, as you may be starting to suspect, is quite convenient given that I’ve recently stumbled across a range of iGCSE resources (Study Guides, PowerPoint Presentations and Word-based Notes) that GCSE teachers and students should find very useful.

And free.

Never neglect the value of free.

The resources seem to have been assembled by Theresa Harvey and while they’re generally a few years old (the date range seems to be 2008 – 2014) I’ve no doubt you’ll find at least some of them useful.

Study Guides

Culture and Socialisation

Research Methods


Stratification and Inequality


PowerPoints and Documents

1. Theory and Methods


Participant Observation

Marxism: The Basics

More Marxism

Culture and Identity

Social Rules

Gender Socialisation

Socialisation and Social Control

Notes and Activities…


Cohabitation Task 1

Cohabitation Task 2


Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce 1

Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce 2

Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce

Family and Divorce


Increase in Divorce

Impact of Divorce Grid

Impact of Divorce Answers

Conjugal Roles

Conjugal Roles

Domestic Labour

Single Mothers

Childhood 1

Childhood 2

Childhood 3

Toxic Childhood

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