16 | Religion: Part 1

The opening chapter in this series on religion looks at “Key Concepts and the Changing Nature of Religious Movements in Society” – something that lends itself neatly to two broad sections:

1. Key Concepts – an “introduction to the sociology of religion” that covers two important areas:

• how we define religion, considered in terms of inclusive and exclusive approaches
• how we measure religious belief (religiosity).

2. Religious Movements looks at their changing nature in terms of identifying and explaining:

• Different types of religious institution and movement (church, sect, denomination and cult).
• New Religious Movements
• New Age Movements
• Religious Fundamentalism.

As ever there are a few distracting printer’s marks and, mercifully, only a couple of (at that point uncleared) pictures with captions written by the “Self-Evident Caption Company”. Probably.

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