Countdown to Culture

It’s a strange-but-true factette that in the 8 years – and nearly 800 posts – this blog has been active one post has stood head-and-shoulders above all others.

Quite why an innocuous little post outlining 7 Functions of Culture should have garnered 30,000-odd views in the 5 years since it was first posted is anyone’s guess.

Personally I haven’t a *&^%^$£ clue.

However, not being slow to recognise that Something Might Be Happening here, I thought it might be interesting to see if I could take what’s essentially a plain-text list and turn it into something much more in-the-moment.

Yes, you guessed it, it’s a video list!

Or, as your students are guaranteed* to know and love it, a 3-minute romp through 10 functions of culture (I didn’t so much find three extra functions as do a bit of judicious editing) that covers the following functions:

  • Communication
  • Perception
  • Identity
  • Social Solidarity
  • Social integration
  • Values
  • Motivation
  • Stratification
  • Production and consumption
  • Norms
  • * This is only guaranteed for adverting purposes. It’s not actually guaranteed.

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