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This is another in a Very Occasional Series where I stumble across a web site and then share the fact with you. Because I think it might have some useful resources you can use or adapt for your own teaching. Which, in the case of Ms. Kester’s Class Website is precisely why I want to share it.

Example PowerPoint

Although, between you and me, the site has an added personal interest because, firstly, it’s American (based in Sunny Florida to be exact), the country where we sell the vast majority of our films and, secondly, it follows the Cambridge International AS / A-level Specification. This, if you don’t already know, is the version of A-level Sociology available to students outside the UK in places like America, China, Africa…

As you might expect, it’s pretty similar to the kinds of A-level Sociology Specifications available in the UK – the current Specification, for example, features areas like Family, Media, Education, Globalisation and Religion – although it does tend towards being a little more traditional in the modules / areas covered within these Units.

There’s not, however, a massive difference, which is quite handy because there’s a range of resources available here – video clips, Notes and PowerPoints – covering:

  • Introductory sociology
  • Research Methods
  • Family

that A-level teachers and students should find useful.

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