A Science of Falling in Love?

Poets, historians and philosophers have, for centuries, provided answers to age-old questions like:

  • Why do we fall in love?
  • What makes us fall in love?
  • And what happens to love once the first fiery spike of attraction fades?
  • But more-recently scientists have joined the debate to explore “the brain in love” and this short film, now available to buy or as a 7-day rental, features contributions from Oxford University academic Dr Anna Machin and Laura Mucha, acclaimed author of Love, Factually, as we follow a young couple as they fall into – and out of – love.

    Along the way students are introduced to a range of neuroscientific evidence that can be used to illustrate and explain the addiction, obsession and madness of the condition we call love – and also how and why it frequently evolves into various forms of long-term attachment.

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