Year 12 Sociology

A web site that is both a name and an accurate description of what it contains, Year 12 Sociology has a range of resources created by Stephanie Parsons, mainly based around what seem like Lesson Plan PowerPoint slides that have been saved as pdf documents.

What you seem to get in each resource is a complete lesson on a particular topic, one that includes things like short notes, questions and student exercises, but without the teacher talking.


There are other bits and pieces included, such as a set of Napier Press workbooks on each AQA AS Topic covered and various revision materials but then main attraction here are the Lesson resources.

With a bit of planning and tinkering these could prove useful ii various ways if you’re trying to teach students remotely over the next few months.

The materials all seem to be based around the Webb et al textbook but if you don’t use it there are probably ways you can find to work-around the issue.

Similarly, although the materials are aimed at AQA there’s plenty of “common core” stuff here that can be applied to other Specifications with a bit of judicious editing…


Perspectives, social structure etc.



Social groups and Achievement

Relationships and Processes


Research Methods



Life Course



Power in the Family

Revision Materials


Social Policy Practice Question

Napier Press Year 1 Student Workbooks: Introduction to sociology, Families, Education, Research methods

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