Visual Aids for Sampling and Statistics

Finding ways to introduce stuff like sampling (in Sociology) and statistical analysis (in Psychology) can, at the best of times, be difficult, so any type of visual aid, from simple graphics to video walkthroughs, is likely to be a useful time-saver for teachers and students alike.

A Visual Aid.
Not Actual Size.

As luck would have it, the two web pages detailed below contain a set of visual representations of key sampling and statistical terms and calculations.

1. Terms involves a range of simple visual explanations of key statistical terms.

Most (Double Blind, Null Hypothesis…) will be relevant to psychology students but a fair few (different Types of Sampling and Data, Observation, Hypothesis…) should be of interest to sociologists.

Each key term is given a very short overview, a slightly-longer explanation and a much more useful graphical representation. The latter is probably going to be of most interest to teachers as a way of providing a ready-made visual aid for further elaboration and explanation.

2. Calculations are generally aimed at psychology students and basically involve short video walkthroughs of statistical tests (such as Mann Whitney and Chi-Squared).

The videos are similar to the Psychology: Step-By-Step films we’ve produced in the past only not as good. Obviously.

Although they are free.

Which is something.

You pays your money.

Or not as the case may be.

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