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Istufff you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll tell you a story.

A long, long, time ago, when the Internet was still young, there existed a web site, created by Mark Peace, called Sociology Stuff. This web site specialised in producing high quality sociology stuff (hence the name. Probably. I’m guessing) for a few years before Mark got bored or went off to do a PhD or something and the site just disappeared, along with all the stuff it contained. Which was a shame.

Luckily, someone who shall be nameless (but we’ll call “Chris” because that’s actually his name) saved a lot of this stuff onto one of his many hard drives and forgot about it. Either because he was Very, Very, Busy (the official version). Or because he was just a little bit jealous and wanted to keep all the Stuff for himself (the version I’m leaning toward).

Anyway, Some Years Later I – or rather “Chris” – found some of this stuff when searching for something or other and thought it might be a nice idea to let other people have the stuff.  

So, here’s some Stuff on Differential Educational Achievement – there’s probably more, but “Chris” hasn’t managed to find it yet. When he does, it will be posted. Unless I forget, which is not an eventuality we should dismiss out of hand.

You’ll also need to note that the statistical data is pretty old now (we’re talking late 1990’s / early 2000’s) but the theory Stuff is still useful. And free.



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