Sociology Revision Booklets: 5. Education

Another day, another set of A-level revision booklets.

This time, as you may have guessed from the title, it’s the turn of Education with 5 resource packs of varying length, depth and complexity for your revising pleasure. Where known I’ve identified the author and, as ever, most are AQA with the odd-sop thrown in the direction of OCR.

Again, as ever, you need to check the Spec. you’re using to ensure you’re not revising stuff that’s no-longer relevant (probably not a sentence anyone should ever have to write, but what the heck). Where possible I’ve kept the materials in Word format because that makes editing them easier for everyone.

The materials are mainly Notes – some very comprehensive, some a bit more revision-friendly – with a few questions thrown in for good measure.

1. Education Pack (L Rust-Ashford): More an Education Study Pack than revision material per se, this series of documents (that I’ve pulled together to make a single pack) includes notes, key word lists, suggestions for further study, questions and useful web sites.

2. AS Education Revision: A series of PowerPoint slides saved as a Pdf document offers a more-visual representation of various dimensions of Education.

3. Revision Exercise: This is an exercise focused on the role of education and is designed to be used for whole class revision. The three parts involve a simple card-sort activity, a picture-based exercise designed to get students thinking about theory and a marking exercise.

4. Education Revision Pack: A relatively-recent (2016) set of revision notes by Stephen Hickman that provide a handy set of revision notes for the AQA Education Unit.

5. Education: Extensive notes across a range of topics by Mark Gill. I’ve pulled all of the individual pages together to mark one complete document.

6. Youth and Education: Short set of notes covering youth and education (OCR), including pupil subcultures and gender and subject choice.


Just when you think you’ve exhausted your stock of revision guides on a topic you find another one hidden away in a folder where it wasn’t supposed to be. In this instance the Sociology of Education by Sakine Koc involves 50 pages of Notes (and they really are just revision notes) covering: the role and purpose of education;  differential educational achievement; relationships and processes within schools; educational policies.

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