ShortCutstv Weekly Digest

We post a lot of what we think are interesting and useful sociology, psychology and “general interest” articles and links through our Twitter account each week and, as an experiment, thought it might be helpful to publish a weekly digest of these links for those who are Twitterless or who may just have missed something useful…


Number of men and women in prison continues to go up, with 59 more in a week

Milton Keynes school turns away 29 girls for not dressing ‘demurely’

What men and women wanted in a spouse in 1939 — and how different it is today

“Why are men less religious than women?”

‘DfE bows to churches’ demands for privilege and protection in face of full academisation’

Jonestown The Life and Death of Peoples Temple 2006

Methods on the Move: experiencing and imagining borders, risk & belonging

Lynsey Hanley: how I became middle-class


Fancy trying out a Flipped Lesson on The Strange Situation?

Do mothers really have stronger bonds with their children than fathers do?


Attention Students: Put Your Laptops Away. Notetaking by hand is more ‘generative’

The Revision Power Hour, how to revise effectively

School trips for psychology and sociology

The science of revision: nine ways pupils can revise for exams more effectively

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