Religion: Two New Films

We’ve added a couple of new Religion films to the Sociology section of the site with a couple more (Secularisation / Religion and Spirituality] currently at the scripting stage.

The first, Religion: What It Is and What It Does, features Professor Eileen Barker (of “Making of a Moonie” fame). It’s a basic introduction to two ways of defining religion: substantive definitions that focus on the essential and unique features of religion and functional definitions that conceive of religion in terms of the functions it performs for individuals and societies.

The second, New Religions: alternative spiritualities introduces students to the concept of New Religious Movements through well-established examples such as Scientology and the Moonies, in addition to much newer movements, such as the Missionary Church of Kopimism. The film looks at some of the common characteristics of NRM’s and explores these in the context of movements such as the Moonies and Heaven’s Gate.

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