Psychology: Hard-to-Find Classics

For a number of years Dr Julia Russell wrote a Psychology Column for a film distribution company called Uniview and when this company decided to call it a day all the resources she’d created disappeared from the web with nary a sound to indicate they’d ever been there.

However, with a display of foresight that, quite frankly, surprised me, I decided to save as many of the resources as I could because I think their scope and quality deserves a wider audience.

I decided to group the resources into a range of categories (studies, revision, science etc.), with the first batch being a series of commentaries on a number of “Hard-to-Find” classic studies.

Each file is professionally-produced and covers 5 areas of the selected study in some detail:

Aims, Procedure, Findings, Conclusion and Comments.

The file concludes with questions, activities and resources related to the study.

Held and Hein (1963) Movement-produced stimulation in the development of visually guided behavior

Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenburg (1988) Cross cultural patterns of attachment. A meta-analysis of the Strange Situation

Jones MC (1924) A Laboratory of Fear

Palmer SE (1975) The effects of contextual scenes on the identification of objects.

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