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A previous post featured the work of Psychology Teacher Maryam Jabeen and her deconstructions of 20 classic psychological studies that feature as part of the Cambridge International Exam Board’s Psychology Specification.

As you’ll no-doubt know (because you will have followed the link above – not the CIE one, the 20-studies one) Jabeen stripped these studies back to their methodological bare-bones to produce a range of student-friendly notes on each study, covering things like research method and procedure, plus an evaluation of the strengths an weaknesses of the study.

Psych Tutor website
“Basic But Functional”

If you want to build on this basic nuts-and-bolts work you may find PsychTutor (otherwise known as Mr Hobbiss’ Psychology site, apparently) a useful addition to your teaching portfolio.

Everyone does have a Teaching Portfolio?


No matter.

It’s not too late in your career to start one.

What the site does, in a nutshell, is offer a range of extension activities – assignments, revision questions, further reading and the like – built around and complementing each study.

You don’t, of course, have to follow each activity slavishly – it’s probably more a question of picking those that fit with your usual teaching style and pinching any ideas that take your fancy.

Although the site links to an active Twitter account that lists the Psych Tutor website, the Facebook link has expired, as have a number of the external links from the site – which suggests that it’s not currently being updated (the Blog ending abruptly in 2014 probably gives you a clue).

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