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If you’re Pining for Padlet now it’s started to charge and place restrictions on its free accounts, you might be looking for a new home for your shared resources.

If that’s the case (or even if it’s not) you could do worse than have a look at Participate Collections, a site where you can store resources and links – from pdf files and Word documents, through to video and web links.

Just create a free account and you’re ready to participate (pun sort-of intended)  by uploading or linking to resources. These can be organised into Collections – groups of related resources – that can be shared with anyone. You can also start different Collections, which is useful if you want to share stuff across a range of Units or Modules.

Once you start a Collection you get the option to connect and collaborate with other users to expand and enhance it. In other words, it’s easy for a range of collaborators – a teacher and their students, for example, to add resources to a common Collection. A further useful feature is the ability of collaborators to discuss the resources they’ve added.

How useful these additional options prove to be is up to you, but they do at least offer the possibility of collaborative work – between different teachers, between teachers and students and the like – if that’s a path you want to follow.

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