Not Just Another Psychology Book

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A nicely-designed text that’s worth adding to your collection, particularly if you you want to give your students a bit of extended reading around a writer or topic.

Having previously posted The Sociology Book I thought it might be nice, as an added bonus for those who teach both Sociology and Psychology (or Sociologists who have Psychology colleagues) to throw-in the first edition of The Psychology Book (2012) that’s long been superceded by a later version (or maybe two. I lose track).

As with its Sociological counterpart, in keeping with the series theme, the book is constructed around a deceptively-simple concept: take the “Big Ideas” that characterise a particular subject and illustrate and explain them clearly, concisely in a way that’s accessible to advanced-level students.

Also in keeping with the series concept, The Psychology Book is divided it into discrete categories – from Behaviourism to Cognitive and Social Psychology – within which the work of well-known authors is both located and described. The latter is accompanied by helpful diagrams, an author timeline and some pretty pictures.

Which, all-in-all, sounds good to me.

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