LSE Intelligent Question Podcasts

This series of monthly podcasts from the London School of Economics (and Political Science) “asks intelligent questions about economics, politics or society” of, mostly, LSE academics.

Plus anyone sentient who happened to be in the building at the time.


I may have slightly misunderstood.

The pods (as I’m determined people should call them) have been published since April 2017 and, by my quick calculation, run to [checks sums] 49 individual programmes as of March 2022.

Given the overall remit noted above, these are of varying interest to both A-level Sociologists and Psychologists so it may take a bit of rooting around to find stuff that will interest and be useful for your teaching and / or students.

The format is generally similar for each podcast, with each having a general theme that’s then broken-down into shorter segments through questions posed by what sounds very much like a student presenter.

Which is No Bad Thing because it all sounds very professionally produced.

Most pods (as, apparently, “the kidz” are now calling them) come-in at around 20 – 45 minutes depending on the main topic and any secondary topics they’ve decided to include (although one or two run to over an hour, which is probably way-too-long for an academic “question and answer” type podcast).

While you can access the full list of available pods online to peruse at your leisure, a recent pod caught my eye and, indeed, my ears, relating to the question Can Mothers Do It All? This involves a relatively student-friendly (i.e. no-longer than 10 minutes) segment with “LSE Academic” Shani Orgad talking about her research on Motherhood, Work and the Failed Promise of Equality and is well-worth sharing with your students.

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