A Cage and Freezing Water: One Woman’s Journey Through Depression

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A Cage and Freezing Water

Our latest Psychology offering is a bit of a departure from the norm in that it’s focused on giving students an impression of what it’s actually like to suffer from depression through one woman’s experience of the condition – the fatigue, the feeling of being trapped and the continual voices in her head that told her to end her life.

While the film is not designed to give a “textbook” overview of the possible causes of depression, it’s presented in a psychological context that seeks to explore the experiences – and consequences – of depression in a way that provides a sympathetic, if at times unsettling, introduction to the subject.

This makes the film suitable as a general introduction to the topic of depression and the basis for students to explore possible causes, therapies and explanations.

The film does, however, touch on a range of mature themes – such as suicidal thoughts – that might make it unsuitable for certain audiences.

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