Issue No.2

The first proper issue of Sociology Shortcuts Magazine (Issue No.1: Risk Society was basically just me doodling around on a new Desktop Publisher to see if I could produce some sort of “magazine format” document with it. Turns out I could) sees an expansion in pagination (as we Media Publishers say. Apparently) and the introduction of a selection of shorter articles around a theme.

The Mass Media, in case there was any confusion.

I’m not sure if I’m going to adopt this format for any future issues – I’m toying with the idea of having a selection of articles from a range of different areas of the Specification – but it seemed an interesting thing to do for this issue.

The basic idea here was to combine coverage of fairly-conventional media stuff – defining the mass media, identifying its general characteristics, looking at different media research methods – with less-conventional material relating to new media: things like digital optimism and pessimism, digital natives and immigrants, augmented reality and the like.

In other words, it’s a broad mix of the old and the new, most of which is fairly standard A-level stuff, some of which is a little more challenging and, possibly, interesting.

As with Issue 1, this Issue is published as an Online Flipbook because I like this format and it sort-of maintains the illusion that this is a “proper magazine”.

If you prefer a pdf version I’ve added the option to download single pages or the complete magazine from within the Flipbook.

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