Visual Sociology: Picturing Inequality

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’m a big fan of using graphic material (pictures and illustrations rather than examples of extreme physical violence) to both illustrate sociological ideas and encourage students to think a little more deeply about such ideas and how they can be applied to increase their depth of sociological […]

Family Relocation: A Neglected Dimension of Power?

When looking at power relationships within families there are a number of fairly-obvious areas – such as domestic labour and violence (both physical and sexual) – that tend to receive most of the critical focus at A-level. While not suggesting this “dark side of the family” is somehow unimportant, insignificant or unworthy of so much […]

GCSE AQA Sociology Revision Guides

I recently came across this interesting set of guides for the AQA Spec., written by Lydia Hiraide of The BRIT School. The guides are dated 2013 – and although I’m not sure how they might fit into the latest Specification, I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot here that’s still relevant. You can download […]

7 Sims in 7 Days – Day 7: Cards, Cakes and Class

The final offering in what no-one’s calling “The Wonderful Week of Sims” is designed to give students practical experience of social inequality based on the unequal distribution of economic resources (wealth) – the eponymous “cake” of the title. While this can be an end in itself – a central part of the sim is the […]

Visualising Class Structures

Visualising Class Structures is a PowerPoint Presentation, designed for whole-class teaching, that features visual representations of ten different class structures / variations,  accompanied by some of the key ideas involved in each classification. Brief background Notes for teachers are also included with each slide. The current presentation has been updated (2019) to include Savage’s “7 […]

SCTV Weekly Round-Up

A little late, but worth the wait. Probably. Our weekly round-up of the sites and stories that are hot. Or not.

Weekly Round-Up

This week’s round-up of all the sites, scenes and sounds that piqued our interest…

Weekly Digest

All the links that caught our eye this past week in one handy post… Sociology Education Methods in Context Mark Scheme I’ve seen the future and it doesn’t look good: “I Teach At A For-Profit College: 5 Ridiculous Realities” Crime Manchester’s Heroin Haters – Vigilante violence? Revealed: London’s new violent crime hotspots Chief Constable confirms […]

Social Inequality: applying cultural and economic capital

You may be familiar with Robert Putnam’s ideas about social capital (“Bowling Alone”), where he argues that a key feature of late modern societies is the breakdown of large-scale, organised, social networks (such as political parties, trade unions and the like). His latest work – Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, 2015 – features […]

Gender and Inequality

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is always a go-to source for all types of statistical data on a variety of topics and this one is no exception. With links to both gender and social inequality “Welcome to unequal England” uses ONS data to show how inequalities impact on some of the most important life […]