Creating Curious Presentations: the medium is not the message

Added a short Update to the original “Curiosity” Post relating to how this can encourage students to create better memories.

Evaluating Crime Reduction Strategies 1. Prison Dog-training

Short PowerPoint Presentation that outlines and evaluates Dog-Training Programs in Prison as a way of reducing reoffending.

Classic Studies: The Strange Situation

Updated Powerpoint outlining the methodology of Ainsworth’s “Strange Situtaion”.

Social Inequality Smoothies: The Presentation

To complement the Social Inequality Smoothies blog post I thought it might be helpful to create an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation for those who like to take a more-visual approach to these things. It’s a very simple Point-and-Click Presentation (you Point at a picture, Click it and get some basic information) that covers most of your glass-related favourites (I might […]

Theory Summaries

I was going to tack this on to one or other of my previous Knowledge Organiser posts but then thought better of it because it’s more a classroom presentation than an Organiser per se. Originally a 2019 PowerPoint Presentation by Colette Cradock (I’m assuming – that’s what the metadata says but whether she is the […]

Student Standby’s: Transferable Concepts and Transgressive Thinking

The idea of a Student Standby can be best-expressed as a tip, trick or technique that can be used to generate ideas and information quickly and efficiently, particularly but not exclusively in time-pressured situations such as an exam. One such Standby I’ve posted about previously is the transferrable concept – a key idea students can […]

Microsoft OneNote: For Free

OneNote is just one of a number of Note-Taking / Management programs / apps that have been around in one form or another since the dawn of personal computing (Probably. I haven’t actually checked) and I mention it here for two reasons: Firstly, it’s something I’ve used a great deal over the years as a […]

Sociological Stories: Broken Windows Revisited

This attempt to create something a little different in PowerPoint expands on the first effort by being significantly longer, around 50 slides, split into three separate-but-related sections and dotted with a few choice bits of online video and hyperlinks (for which you will obviously need to be connected to the Internet). Although it’s made in […]

PowerPoint: Defining Mass Media v2

When I posted the previous version of this PowerPoint Presentation I included the rider that I’d have a go at making it “More-Prezi” and “Less-PowerPoint”, by which I meant doing away with the semi-linear structure of the original and replacing it with the kind of open structure characteristic of Prezi Presentations. This, I’m happy to […]

PowerPoint: Defining Mass media

If, like me, you’ve always had a sneaking liking for Prezi-style Presentations you’ll probably be aware that the only way to create them was, oddly-enough, by using Prezi. Which, in the past wasn’t too much of a problem because you could just use it to create whatever you liked for free. But that was then. […]