Sociology Revision Booklets: 2. Theory and Methods

The second batch of a-level revision booklets covers that ever-popular topic, theory and methods. As with previous offerings, both design and content can, at times, be a little variable and for this I take no responsibility whatsoever. Because I neither designed nor wrote any of the content. I am technically distributing it for your revision […]

SociologySaviour Blog

I was looking for pictures of Arron Cicoural for a new film we’re editing on Labelling Theory when I stumbled across the rather interesting SociologySaviour Blog,  that unfortunately now looks as though it hasn’t been updated since mid-2016. This is something of a shame because the material it contains seems well-written and useful – although […]

Spaced Study: What It Is (and How To Do It)

Spaced Study or Spaced Practice is a theory of learning that argues, in a nutshell, that students study more effectively and retain more of the information they learn if the study period is “spaced” – or spread out over a number of hours / days – than if studying is “crammed” into short intensive blocks. […]

Sociological Theories And Frameworks

This is a web page where you can find a bite-sized run-down of a range of: a. Sociological frameworks – from those fairly central to a-level, such as Functionalism, Feminism. Conflict theory, Critical theory and those (symbolic interaction, phenomenology) that tend to be a little more optional. b. Sociological theories – some fairly central ones, […]

Left Realism

A relatively easy way for students to get a handle on Left Realism is through three simple visualisations that can then be used to build-up a picture of this general approach to both explaining crime and deviance and suggesting solutions to the problem of crime. These visualisations involve: A three-cornered approach to deviance The criminogenic […]

Updating Crime & Deviance

Day Workshop with renowned sociologist and film-maker, Dr Steve Taylor Strain, Labelling, Realism etc. are still important because they underpin a lot of research in the contemporary study of Crime and Deviance. But supposing your students could demonstrate this with new concepts & 21st. Century research examples? This Workshop consolidates the key theories and concepts […]

Postmodernity and Sociological Theory

This is the second of a two-part series looking at the relationship between modernity, postmodernity and the development of sociological theory. If you want to “Start at the Start”, so to speak, with Modernity, feel free to access these Teaching Notes. Otherwise, if you’re just here for the Postmodernity stuff, in this set of Teaching […]

Modernity and Sociological Theory

This is the first part of a two-part series looking at the relationship between modernity, postmodernity and the development of sociological theory. In Part 1 (Modernity) the focus is on: Part 2 (Postmodernity) is available here. Sociology and Modernity “Sociology”, according to Taylor (2000), “is a product of modernity”; its origins as an academic discipline […]