Introduction to Psychology Textbook

Free, open-source, Introductory Pyschology textbook, plus free Study Guide.

Collections 3 | Simulations

All of the Sims on the site handily gathered together in one place.

Collections 2 | Revision

This latest Collection gathers all our Revsion process posts into one handy place.

Learning Mat: Paragraph Practice

A Learning Mat designed to help students practice low-stakes paragraph writing in any subject that involves any kind of extended writing.

Collections 1 | Learning Mats

A Collection of Learning Mat posts that makes it easier for you to find whatever it is you may be looking for (as long as, in this instance, it’s some variation of Learning Mats).

Psychology Learning Tables | 9

The ninth (and final!) set of A-level Psychology Knowledge Organisers covers the letters P (for Parasocial Relationships) to W (Working Memory Model).

Mass Killings: The Role of the Media

Our latest short film looks at the relationship between fame-seeking mass killers and the media.

Mass Killings: The Role of the Media

Short film exploring the role of the media in relation to fame-seeking mass killers.

Psychology Lesson Plans

Extensive lesson plans on a range of High School / AP Psychology / A-level topics.

Psychology Roadmaps: KS5

Extensive set of KS5 (A-level) Psychology Roadmaps / Learning Jouneys.

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