Mass Killings: The Role of the Media

Our latest short film looks at the relationship between fame-seeking mass killers and the media.

Mass Killings: The Role of the Media

Short film exploring the role of the media in relation to fame-seeking mass killers.

Mass Media: Old and New

A range of PowerPoint Presentations focused on new and old forms of Mass Media, including globalisation and the digital social world.

Augmented Reality: A Variable-Sum Game?

The distinction between digital optimism and digital pessimism is a well-known one in the sociology of the media and comparisons of their respective positions are a fairly commonplace feature of any discussion of the social impact of different forms of new media.  This is particularly the case in relation to something like social media where […]

Sceptical Sociology: New Media and Digital Nativism

Like any scientific endeavour, one of the virtues of sociology is its scepticism – and one area that’s always ripe for a sceptical approach is new media and the various claims made on its behalf. One such claim is Prensky’s (2001) concept of the “digital native”, something that has become widely used in both press […]

Media Effects: A New Digital 2-Step?

Of the four main models of media effects that developed predominantly in the latter part of the 20th century and are conventionally taught in a-level sociology, three have in their different ways managed to carve-out varying degrees of theoretical relevance in the 21st century: The Hypodermic Syringe model has, for example, swivelled to focus on […]

Media Matters: Some Free Texts

All of the stuff on offer here is what I’d generally call “Texts for Teachers” in the sense they’re likely to appeal – in all or more-likely part – to anyone teaching the sociology of the media. None are what I’d classify as “Media Sociology” texts, per se, but all in their different ways can […]

New Media: The Rise of the Selfie

Sociology Media Specifications have, in recent years, started to focus a little more on the rise of new forms of media, particularly social media like Facebook and Twitter, but one area that’s not particularly well-covered is the idea of Selfie culture – either as a personally-shareable form or, increasingly, as an integral aspect of something […]

New Media, New(s) Values?

The concept of news values – the basic principles journalists use to guide their decisions about what constitutes “news” – has been a staple of media sociology since Galtung and Ruge’s (1965) taxonomy (classification) identified the various basic requirements “stories must generally satisfy” if they were to qualify as news. As you might expect, this […]

Visual Media: Study Booklet

Following hard on the heels of the previous “visual media” offering comes this 18-page Pdf Study Booklet. It’s packed to the rafters with information presented in a variety of simple, visually-attractive, ways under six main headings with sub-headings as required: New Media: changes, digital optimism and pessimism Ownership and Control: trends, patterns, theories. Globalisation: cultural […]