Experimental Methods in Psychology









Research Methods: 

Experimental Methods in Psychology combines three of our standalone films (Laboratory, Field and Natural Experiments) into one complete film, designed as an introductory overview to this area of a Psychology methods course. The film includes a short introductory section and filmed links that join the three films into one continuous presentation.

The film opens with a short section that introduces the idea of psychological questions and the concept of operationalisation. This then leads into an examination of three types of experimental method used in the operationalisation of psychological research:

Part 1. Laboratory Experiments uses some famous psychological studies to explain the experimental method and illustrate how laboratory experiments are carried-out, with an assessment of their strengths and limitations.

Part 2. Field Experiments uses classic studies to illustrate what this method offer psychologists compared to other experimental methods. The film also looks at the difficulties involved in setting up field experiments and examines their strengths and limitations.

Part 3. Natural Experiments illustrates how this method works, how it differs from other experimental methods and assesses its strengths and limitations