Introducing Sociology

4 films that introduce students to major issues and debates encountered at the start of any Sociology course.

• What Is Sociology introduces problems of order, change and the relationship between the individual and society.

• Identity explored through a simple in-class activity.

• Social Constructionism looks at how culture changes how we see and experience the social world.

• Sociology and Commonsense shows the difference between the two, through the example of deviance.

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Family and Social Change

4 films exploring aspects of family and social change.
• Diversity examines how family structures and relationships are changing
• Modernity and Change explores 3 major changes in family life over the past 50 years
• What is childhood? considers evidence for its disappearance in contemporary societies
• Children and New Technology examines how new technologies are changing childhood

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Religion: What It Is and What It Does

This short film, featuring Professor Eileen Barker, introduces and illustrates two of the most significant ways to define religion: the substantive, with a focus on the salient features of religion and the functional, where the focus is on what religion does for the individual and society.

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What is Sociology

This film gives students a broad introduction to Sociology, based initially around the distinction between social and sociological problems. The focus on the latter is then developed in terms of what we might call "Sociology's core concerns":
• problems of order
• explaining social change
• the relationship between the individual and society.
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This film looks at the relationship between the individual and society through the concept of identity, using a simple - and easily replicated - classroom activity focused on the difference between personal and social identities. These concepts are developed in the context of ideas like "taking the role of the other" as the basis for further exploration and understanding.
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Social Constructionism

Although social constructionism is a core sociological concept students will need to understand and apply throughout their course, it is one they often find difficult to conceptualise. In this short film social constructionism is both illustrated - by explaining how culture teaches us to see the world in certain ways - and applied through examples of contemporary and cross-cultural constructions of gender.
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Sociology and Commonsense

Can Sociology go "beyond commonsense" - and, if so, how?
In this short film Dr. Steve Taylor illustrates some of the key differences between sociological and commonsense thinking. Using the example of crime he demonstrates how sociology questions many of the "received truths" about crime that commonsense thinking takes for granted.
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Family and Social Change

How are family lives, structures and relationships changing in contemporary societies?
And to what extent are these changes a consequence of modernity and postmodernity?
This film, featuring Ian Luckhurst and Jane Pilcher, examines these questions in terms of three types of social change: identity, consumption and culture.
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Family Diversity

This short film, featuring contributions from Ian Luckhurst and Jane Pilcher, introduces students to the concept of family diversity by looking at a variety of measures - from marriage, through divorce to cohabitation and birth rates - that suggest how and why the structure, organisation and culture of family life is changing in late / postmodernity.
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The End of Childhood?

This short film uses a simple, contemporary case study - fashion and the possible sexualisation of girls - to examine and explore three related questions:
• What is childhood?
• What does it do for children?
• Is childhood disappearing in contemporary societies?
The film features Jane Pilcher talking about her research into the sexualisation of young girls.
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Childhood and New Technology

The relationship between technological change and social behaviour is a significant one for sociologists and this film explores some of the ways new communication technologies, such as mobile phones and surveillance software, impact on individual behaviours, identities and relationships within family groups - with a particular emphasis on the implications of new technological developments for concepts of children and childhood.
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