Issues in Psychology

Issues in Psychology


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4 films that introduce students to key issues in psychology.

1. Ethics and Ethical Issues (05.55) l
ooks at how stricter ethical guidelines were developed in psychology and illustrates contemporary ethical guidelines and the issues arising from the potential conflicts between protecting participants and producing socially useful research.

2. Socially Sensitive Research (05.51) examines the consequences of psychological research, using the example of recent research into genetics and education.

3. The Usefulness of Psychological Research (05.35) uses a number of studies to illustrate how usefulness of research is assessed and evaluated.

4. Ethnocentrism and Psychology (06.18) begins by explaining the key concept of social construction and illustrates three sources of potential ethnocentrism: researcher, conceptual and reporting bias. It ends by considering whether ethnocentrism is becoming less of an issue in a globalising world and whether it applies in the same way to all branches of psychology.

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