Debates in Psychology

Debates in Psychology


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4 films designed to introduce students to  key debates in psychology.

1. Psychology and Science examines the scientific method, illustrates its application in psychology, and shows how not all questions in psychology, particularly those involving peoples' experiences and behaviour in real world situations, can be answered this way (04.46).

2. Nature-Nurture uses the example of ‘natural born killers’ to illustrate nature, nurture and interactionist approaches in psychology (04.45).

3. Determinism and Free Will features Professor Patrick Haggard explaining the differences between free will and behavioural, psychic and neurological determinism. The film also reconstructs Libet's experiment, showing its implications for understanding consciousness and explaining human behaviour (06.22).

4. Individualistic and Situational Psychology: While most psychology is individualistic, this short film, using original footage from Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, illustrates an alternative idea - that people can be literally transformed by the situations in which they find themselves (04.57).
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