Core Concepts in Research

Core Concepts in Research


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4 films designed to introduce students to core concepts in psychological research.

1. Reliability and Validity looks at concepts of reliability and external and internal validity and the part they play in psychological research. The key tests of face, concurrent and ecological validity are illustrated with examples from major psychological studies (04.20).

2. Variables provides a clear introduction to the concept, explaining and illustrating the key questions of definition, types, reliability, validity and application (05.25).

3. Reductionism and Psychology illustrates the importance and limitations of reductionism in psychological explanation, using the example of research into diet and obesity (03.43).

4. Sampling is crucial in psychological research and this film takes students through key concepts like target population, sampling techniques, representativeness and generalisation. It also looks at probability and non-probability sampling, why different techniques are used and their strengths and limitations (05.49).

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