How to Order

You can purchase films in two ways:

1. On DVD

We accept payment in two ways:

a. If you want to purchase via credit card, paypal, etc. just use the "Purchase DVD" button. This will take you through the purchasing process.

b. If you prefer to be invoiced for your purchase then simply email your order and we'll take it from there. If that link doesn't work for you, cut-and-paste the following into your email client:

All our DVDs are priced in £GB (pounds sterling).


2. On Demand

With this option your film is delivered electronically (with its own media player) and there are two ways to purchase:

a. Rent: Choosing this option, by clicking the "Rent" button, means you can watch a film as many times as you like over a 48-hour period (perfect for teachers who just want to show the film to a class or two or students using the film for revision purposes).

b. Buy: If you would prefer to own a particular film / bundle of films just use the On-Demand "Buy" option.

You can purchase on-demand films using a credit / debit card or PayPal account.