Sociology Revision Booklets: 6. Culture and Identity

Somewhat surprisingly, at least to me, there seems to be a positive dearth of Culture and Identity related revision material, at least of the Word / Pdf variety (PowerPoint users seem much better served). Why that should be I don’t know but I have managed to find a few resources you and your students might […]

Leave Nothing to Chance: An Education Simulation

“Leave Nothing to Chance” is, unless I’m very much mistaken (and I probably am), my first real attempt at a “proper classroom simulation”. I’d like to say I’m excited about it, but when all’s-said-and-done it’s only a simple simulation. On the other hand, I very much hope you like it, use it, develop it and […]

Learning Mats

Learning mats – originally laminated sheets containing simple questions, learning prompts and drawing spaces – have been around for some time at the lower (particularly primary) levels of our education system, but with the increasing interest in Knowledge Organisers, which in many respects they resemble, they’re starting to gain some traction at both GCSE and […]

The Memory Clock

Although revision, in all its different forms and guises, is an integral part of any a-level sociology (or psychology) course it’s sometimes difficult to know how to help students revise in the most efficient, effective and productive way – and this is where the Memory Clock comes into play. The Memory Clock is a revision […]

NotAFactsheet: More Deviance

Three new NotAFactsheets to add to your growing collection covering: 1. Interactionism (labelling theory, personal and social identities, master labels) 2. Deviancy Amplification (an outline of the model plus the role of the media) 3. Critical Theory (Instrumental and Hegemonic Marxism, Critical Subcultures) Each NotaFactsheet is available in two flavours: with and without short (1 […]

Sociology Shortcuts: NotAFactsheets

Over the past few weeks I’ve published a small selection of Curriculum Press Sociology Factsheets and the response to these set me thinking about creating some of my own, using a similar format – although I’ve decided not to call what I’ve produced “Factsheets”, mainly because they aren’t. Anyway, I posted my first attempt at a […]

Sociology ShortCuts F’sheet

I’ve posted a couple of times about the Sociology Factsheets produced by Curriculum Press –  particularly about how it might be an idea for teachers to get their students to make their own versions as both a revision aid and teaching resource for future sociology students – and I thought it might be interesting to […]

Left Realism

A relatively easy way for students to get a handle on Left Realism is through three simple visualisations that can then be used to build-up a picture of this general approach to both explaining crime and deviance and suggesting solutions to the problem of crime. These visualisations involve: A three-cornered approach to deviance The criminogenic […]

Updating Crime & Deviance

Day Workshop with renowned sociologist and film-maker, Dr Steve Taylor Strain, Labelling, Realism etc. are still important because they underpin a lot of research in the contemporary study of Crime and Deviance. But supposing your students could demonstrate this with new concepts & 21st. Century research examples? This Workshop consolidates the key theories and concepts […]

Seven Sims in Seven Days – Day 5: Trial by Jury

As with some of the others in this series, “Trial by Jury” is a building block sim that gives you a basic template that can be used to organise and run a wide range of possible simulations. In basic terms if there’s an area of the Sociology / Psychology course that involves comparing and contrasting […]