Free Online Sociology Course

If you’re looking to give your a-level students a little extra out-of-class tuition, the Saylor Academy “a non-profit initiative working since 2008 to offer free and open online courses to all who want to learn. We offer nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels, each of which is available right now – […]

Relighting the Streets: Situational Crime Prevention

Over the past 50 years an increasingly-influential school of criminology has argued that finding “the causes of crime” or “solutions to the problem of crime” is not possible. The best we can do, they argue, is manage and limit the extent of crime. Situational Crime Prevention, in this respect, involves a range of strategies based […]

The difference between sex and gender

For most sociology / psychology teachers Robert Stoller’s (1964) distinction between “biological sex” and “cultural gender” is probably the go-to definition to use when introducing this topic – and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using it you might want to flesh it out a little by pointing your students towards some more-contemporary ideas and […]

Mass Media 5 | Effects

The final chapter in this series on the Mass Media to accompany the chapters on:Defining and Researching the Media,The Ownership and Control Debate, The Selection and Presentation of News and Media Representations looks at a range of models of Media Effects: how and in what ways (if any) the mass media affects individual and social […]

Mass Media 4 | Representations

The fourth chapter in what’s turning into, for me at least, an interminable churn through reams of notes and dtp design follows Defining and Researching the Media, The Ownership and Control Debate and The Selection and Presentation of News by focusing on Media Representations. More-specifically, this set of personally hand-crafted (“artisan!”) notes looks at representations […]

Make A Pitch: selling sociological sausages

In response to the silent clamour (that only I could hear apparently) for something a little more substantial and pdfeffy, I’ve created a short booklet based around the “Selling Sociological Sausages” Lesson Outline I’ve previously posted. It’s basically a pdf version of the post, although it both clarifies the different versions and changes a few […]

Teaching Timelines

A free, easy-to-use online Timeline creator that allows you to incorporate text, images and video. Back-in-the-day, when I was still classroom teaching, one of the techniques I occasionally used was the Teaching Timeline, something I found particularly useful for Introductory Sociology (back when a “History of Sociological Thought” was mandatory) and, for some reason, Crime […]

The Crime and Deviance Channel

The Crime and Deviance Channel now offers a wide range of free Text, PowerPoint, Audio and Video resources organised into 5 categories: 1. Theories 2. Social Distribution 3. Power and Control 4. Globalisation 5. Research Methods Each category contains a mix of content: • Text materials range from complete pdf chapters to a variety of […]

Risk: Ulrich Beck

If you want the concept of Risk Society clearly and concisely explained, who better to ask than the person who invented the idea? So we did. By interviewing him. And this is what he had to say. That’s about it really. Oh Yeah. The clip’s only about a minute long. Which is hopefully enough for […]

Sociology Textbooks From Around The Web

A couple of days ago I posted a link to a free, open-source, textbook (Introduction to Sociology), the open-availability of which made me think about whether there were any other sociology books lying around in some dusty corner of the web just waiting to be found, dusted-down and presented to a wider audience. And the […]