Learning Skills Booklet

Around 30-odd years ago at the FE College at which I then worked, I took it upon myself to create a whole bundle of “Study Skills” materials covering things like Essay-writing, Note-taking, Time Management, How to Revise and so forth. I’ve still got them somewhere. Probably in the attic, because that’s where most of them […]

Microsoft OneNote: For Free

OneNote is just one of a number of Note-Taking / Management programs / apps that have been around in one form or another since the dawn of personal computing (Probably. I haven’t actually checked) and I mention it here for two reasons: Firstly, it’s something I’ve used a great deal over the years as a […]

Media Matters: Some Free Texts

All of the stuff on offer here is what I’d generally call “Texts for Teachers” in the sense they’re likely to appeal – in all or more-likely part – to anyone teaching the sociology of the media. None are what I’d classify as “Media Sociology” texts, per se, but all in their different ways can […]

Some More (Free) Psychology Textbooks

I’ve recently, for some reason, been collecting links to a number of free psychology textbooks – either books released under a Creative Commons licence, such as OpenStax Psychology and the almost-but-not-quite rude-sounding Noba Collection, or texts that, for one reason or other have gone out-of-print, been superseded by a newer, shiner, version or simply fallen […]

ShortCuts to Sociology: free film collection

For reasons that need not detain us here I was looking at the various free films we’ve published over the past few years and thought it might be useful to gather them all together in a single post. This would enable anyone who’s interested in using them with their students – particularly, but not exclusively, […]

Ashampoo Office Suite

A useful Suite of programs – Wordprocessor, Presentation software and, errm, Spreadsheet – that may be just what your students need, particularly if money’s tight… This free Office Suite consists of 3 programs for precisely no money. Which is nice if you want, but can’t afford, a Microsoft Word-compatible Wordproceser (Textmaker) and / or PowerPoint-compatible […]

Mass Media | Complete Chapter

Over the past few weeks (months? I lose track) I’ve been assiduously assembling a series of mass media booklets from Notes that have been hanging around taking up space on a hard drive for the past few years. Where I’ve thought it necessary – either because I wanted to include some updated material or because […]

Mass Media 5 | Effects

The final chapter in this series on the Mass Media to accompany the chapters on:Defining and Researching the Media,The Ownership and Control Debate, The Selection and Presentation of News and Media Representations looks at a range of models of Media Effects: how and in what ways (if any) the mass media affects individual and social […]

Free Sociology Textbooks: A New Batch of Contenders

Those of you with long(ish) memories may recall the previous posts in a series that delivers a variety of slightly out-of-date sociology textbooks found gathering dust and mould in some unloved corners of the Internet to your desktop (Sociology Textbooks for Free and More Free Sociology Texts). If you do remember them you’ll no-doubt be […]

Free Textbook: Sociology in Focus for AS

For those of you with long(ish) memories, the original Sociology in Focus textbook first appeared in the mid-1990’s and I remember being quite taken by its novel(ish) attempt to reinvent “The Textbook” as something more than just a lot of pages with a lot of text. Although it did, with hindsight, actually have “a lot […]