In a previous post we looked at some of the expanding career choices available for sociologists and this post does much the same for psychology students by drawing your attention to the

Your Journey into Psychology area of the British Psychological Society website.

The main focus here is on 9 major areas of psychological employment:

  • Forensic
  • Health
  • Clinical
  • Educational
  • Neuro
  • Sport and Exercise
  • Counselling
  • Occupational
  • Academic, Research and Teaching
  • Each area is subdivided into the following sections:

    What they do involves a short text description of the area. Some also have a short accompanying video of what sounds like students talking about what that area involves.

    Places of work, as you might expect, gives students a brief overview of where a particular type of psychologist is likely to work.

    Training Route provides details of the qualifications required.

    Expected salaries gives a (very) broad indication of the level of remuneration you’re likely to earn.

    Searching for Jobs provides information about possible employers.

    Each area is completed by sections of additional information and useful web links if you want to dig deeper.

    Careers Guide

    The site also has a pdf Careers Guide available that covers similar ground to the website in terms of identifying possible career destinations (from forensic psychology to counselling) but with a slightly different emphasis: where you might work, who you might work with, training and work experience and, possibly most useful, “A Day in the Life” of someone working in each area.

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