A couple of years ago I featured a post on the collaboration between the British Psychological Society (BPS)and  the Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) that produced the proto Online Teacher’s Toolkit.

This was something I welcomed at the time but felt was a little, how shall I say. underwhelming in terms of content.

Well, in the time I haven’t been paying attention they’ve added a great deal more stuff to the Toolkit and it’s started to expand into something all A-level / AP Psychology teachers should find really useful (that’s an observation, not an instruction). This includes, in no particular order:

  • A Student’s guide to personal statements
  • Personal Statements Activity 
  • Writing Personal Statements – A Psychology Student’s Guide to Learning
  • Teaching mathematical skills through key studies in Psychology 
  • How to report on experimental psychological investigations
  • How to report on psychological correlational investigations
  • Psychology open evening advice
  • A list of transferrable skills gained by studying psychology
  • Suggested reading within psychology to spark your students’ interest
  • A selection of podcasts by Lucinda Powell from Changing States of Mind
  • Health psychology careers case studies
  • Psychology Careers Guide
  • A Psychology Student’s Guide to Evaluation
  • Memory for Learning
  • Memory for Learning: Teacher’s Notes
  • Advice on carrying out psychology practical work during Covid-19 restrictions
  • Taking the Fear out of Maths
  • Using pedagogical theory in psychology teaching
  • And if you’re looking for a little visual help with Maths in Psychology, why not have a look at our Step-by-Step Walkthroughs…

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