New Sociology Learning Tables

It’s been a while since I last posted any Sociology Learning Tables / Knowledge Organisers (Psychology teachers and students have been better-served in the interim, even though I’ve still got a load more that I need to get around to posting), partly because I haven’t really been looking for any and partly because I haven’t found any.

The two could be connected

Luckily – for you and me both – TheHecticTeacher has been busy creating a whole host of new learning tables for your download pleasure in three areas:


Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce
Domestic Division of Labour
Social Policy
Childhood and Children


Role and function
Roles and Processes
Differential Educational Achievement
Subject Choice

Theory and Methods

What is Sociology?
Sociological Perspectives
Research Design
Choice of Method
Primary research methods
Secondary research methods
Sampling techniques
Theoretical research considerations
Interpretivism v. Positivism
Sociology and science
Value Freedom
Social policy


The latest set of tables / organisers:

Crime and Deviance


How Crime and Deviance is socially constructed
Non-sociological reasons for crime
Theories (Functionalist / Marxist / Neo-Marxist / Realist)
Measuring crime
Class, Gender, Ethnicity and crime
Media and Crime
Globalisation and Crime
Green crime
State crime
Crime Control and Prevention
Criminal Justice System
Surveillance & Social Control

Beliefs in Society

Key concepts
Science and Religion
Functionalist view of religion
Marxist view of religion
Neo-Marxist view of religion
Feminist view of religion
Postmodernist view of religion
Religion as conservative force
Religion as force for social change
Religion and social protest
Religious organisations
New Religious Movements
Gender and religion
Ethnicity and religion
Age, Social Class and religion
Secularisation theory
Religious Fundamentalism
Globalisation and religion

If you use them, don’t forget to say “Thank You” (to HecticTeacher not me. I’m just the messenger).

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