One of the things about WordPress blogs is their legendary persistence.

Once created they just sit there, regardless of whether you decide to move-on to whatever it is teachers move on to.

PowerPoint Presentations…

And sometimes this is a Good Thing because it means that even if a site is no-longer being updated there may well be stuff left laying around just waiting for someone to come along and find it.

Which seems to be the case with this blog whose active heyday seems to have been a four-year spell between August 2015 and February 2019.

Since when. Nothing.

There’s not much clue as to who made it. And if I’m not mistaken most, if not all, of the resources have been brought together from a variety of different authors and sources. But this shouldn’t detain us overmuch because what’s been left is a load of resources – mainly PowerPoint Presentations, but also some Word documents – that you’re definitely going to find useful and helpful.

The main sets of resources are divided into 5 familiar categories, particularly if you follow the AQA Specification, of varying depth and detail:

Families and Households: Some PowerPoint resources on couples, symmetrical families and domestic violence.

Education: Materials here cover differential educational achievement (class, gender and ethnicity), gender and subject choice and theories surrounding the role of education.

Research Methods: A wide range of resources covering the process of research, different research methods (questionnaire, interviews, observation etc.), primary and secondary sources and more.

Beliefs in Society: A limited number of resources covering definitions and perspectives on religion (Functionalist, Marxist and Feminist).

Crime and Deviance: This is by far the most extensive set of resources for any topic, with lots of Presentations on theories of crime and some particularly good and comprehensive resources on Globalisation and crime (including the oft-neglected green crime, state crime and human rights).

While these resources are probably the main attraction, it’s worth having a poke around in the site archives because there are bits-and-bobs – such as Class identities and the school and Revision Guides covering Religion, Families and Education – that might be worth the time and effort to find.

I’ll leave you to explore the rest…

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