As with its sociological counterpart, this is a set of short, to-the-point, GCSE Notes covering a range of topics:

• Aggression
• Development of Personality
• Learning Memory
• Non-Verbal Communication
• Research Methods
• Sex and gender
• Social Influence
• Stereotypes

Each of the main sections is sub-divided into shorter categories: research methods, for example, covers:

  • Hypotheses and Experimental Designs
  • Standardised Procedures & Instructions
  • Ecological Validity & Sampling Methods
  • Making Sense of Data & Anomalous Results
  • Survey Methods & Ethical Considerations
  • Case Studies & Observation Studies
  • As with the Sociology Notes these aren’t something that will replace whatever textbooks you use, but it’s a handy resource that will complement your existing resources – even though the site hasn’t been updated for a good few years and bits were never completed…

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