Dynamic Learning: The Power of Habits

The first film in our new Dynamic Learning series of Metacognition films shows students how to develop positive study habits.

Collections 2 | Revision

This latest Collection gathers all our Revsion process posts into one handy place.

Learning Mat: Paragraph Practice

A Learning Mat designed to help students practice low-stakes paragraph writing in any subject that involves any kind of extended writing.

Creating Curious Presentations: the medium is not the message

Added a short Update to the original “Curiosity” Post relating to how this can encourage students to create better memories.

Collections 1 | Learning Mats

A Collection of Learning Mat posts that makes it easier for you to find whatever it is you may be looking for (as long as, in this instance, it’s some variation of Learning Mats).

The Dead Grandmother Problem | 2: Some Lessons

A few years ago (4 to be precise) I did a post on Mike Adams’ “Dead Grandmother Problem” and I’ve finally got around to updating it with some Methods-related suggestions about how you could use “The Problem” in the classroom.

Psychology Learning Tables | 9

The ninth (and final!) set of A-level Psychology Knowledge Organisers covers the letters P (for Parasocial Relationships) to W (Working Memory Model).

Independent Study Booklets: Sociology

A range of (AQA) Independent Study Booklets containing an interesting mix of notes, key ideas, quick questions, consolidation tasks and planned “exam style” questions.

One of the few resources I’ve seen that try to integrate knowledge acquisition with the development of specific study skills designed to help students retain and recall the information they’ve been taught.

Food For Thought?

In what is, I must admit, a first for me I came across this Recipe Booklet on a school web site when looking for the source of a GCSE to A-level Revision Booklet that features in a recent post about Summer Transition materials. It was filed under Revision for the not implausible reason that what you eat can impact on academic performance.

Teaching Sociological Perspectives | 1: Scenario Setting

Using illusions, analogies and scenarios as a way of teaching sociological perspectives.

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