The main part of our website (i.e. the bits that aren’t this Blog) features all of the Sociology, Psychology and Crime films we currently sell (at Very Reasonable Prices I might gratuitously add).

You can, if you’re so inclined, watch previews of all of these films, plus a few freebies thrown-in for good measure.

As you’ll appreciate if you’ve cast even a passing glance in the direction of the film pages, the site was starting to need a bit of a revamp to make it load a lot faster.

Although there are many good technical reasons for the lack-of-speed situation one of the most fundamental was down to the design.

In basic terms, since everything was on a single page and the film previews that accompany each title had to be loaded onto that page it could take a very long time indeed for everything to come down the tube. Particularly, but not exclusively, the Psychology page which has grown over the years to around 50-plus films.

And that wasn’t good.

So, while I was at a loose-end (not really) I decided a quick redesign was in order.

What we’ve done, if you take a quick peek (after reading this – there might be some interesting information in the next few lines) is replace the previews with “images that evoke the film” (or pictures as they’re sometimes called in non-technical circles).

Now, if you want to watch a preview or, better-still, buy a DVD or On-Demand version of the film, all you need to do is Click-the-Pic (or the More Details button – I prefer the first option because it appeals to my inner poet) to go to a separate page where you can watch and buy to your heart’s content.

And it should, of course, do all of this a lot more quickly.

That’s the plan, anyway.

Feel free to say something

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