If you fancy a break from the conventional revision slog (a change, we are semi-reliably informed, is as good as a rest) we have four free revision films you might find useful and / or interesting:

Revise Psychology and Science

Shows students how to get to grips with the common, but deceptively complicated, examination question of whether or not Psychology can be considered a science. The film identifies the key characteristics of science and uses a range of classic and contemporary studies to show how psychology does – and doesn’t – always measure up to the ideal.

Revise Correlations

Identifies and explains the key ideas and areas you need to revise for your psychology exams:
– positive and negative correlations
– correlation co-efficient
– correlation and causation
– examples: media and violence
– ethics and socially-sensitive research

Revise Reliability and Validity

Outlines some key aspects of these important methodological concepts through a range of real-world examples:
– internal and external reliability
– standardisation and re-testing
– internal and external validity
– different types of validity (face, construct, etc).

Revise Ethnocentrism

Highlights a range of ideas and skills required for a good understanding of ethnocentrism. The film covers:
– how ethnocentrism is defined
– how ethnocentrism is socially constructed
– applying knowledge of researcher, conceptual and reporting bias
– evaluating the uses and limitations of ethnocentrism

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