Crime pages from the University of Portsmouth archive. This set provides notes and activities focused on theories of crime that are generally suitable for a-level sociology (and criminology) students.

When I first started posting these crime resources I had to link directly to each page in a module because the menu that I was convinced bound everything neatly together was “missing” (in the sense “I couldn’t initially work out where it was hiding” rather than it having disappeared, never to be seen again).

This, as you may have discovered, was a bit of a pain and not conducive to encouraging students to explore the pages on offer.

I knew, however, there had to be a menu somewhere and that it was just a matter of finding it. And, after a bit of detective work, I did.

At least for some of the individual chapters.

While I still think there is an overall menu somewhere that provides easy access to all the materials in the complete “crime resource”, I haven’t been able to find it; so for now it’s a case of using the individual links for the various categories I have managed to find.

The first batch of modules / pages linked here mainly relate to theories of crime and deviance (some of which I’ve already posted as individual pages, but since I can’t remember which I decided to post them all).

Tech Note: I’ve noticed a couple of issues with different browsers you may have to work around to access the resources:

1. The main information window doesn’t always load correctly and you may see a blank window with a menu to the left. If this happens just refresh your browser and the main window should load correctly.

2. If you see an “access denied” message in the main information window click the module title link to the right of the page navigation menu (First, Previous, Next, Last…). This takes you to a page where you have the option to “View This Resource”. Clicking this link should make everything work okay.

What is Crime?
• The Extent of Crime
• Measuring Crime
• The Cost of Crime
• The Impact of Crime
• Fear of Crime

Non-Sociological theories
• Biological Explanations
• Psychological Explanations
• Psychoanalysis
• Social Learning Theory

Social theories
• Individualistic Theories of Crime
• Social Theories of Crime
• Strain Theory
• Labelling Theory
• Control theory

Organised Crime
• History
• Models
• Organised Crime in the UK
• New Organised Crime?
• Policing Organised Crime

• Matza
• Sutherland
• Labelling theory

Subcultural Theories
• Cohen’s Subcultural Theory
• Matza – Delinquency and ‘Drift’
• Cloward and Ohlin – Delinquency and Opportunity
• Miller – Delinquency and ‘Lower Class Culture’
• Delinquency and British ‘Lower Class Culture’

Anomie and Strain
• Functionalism and Social Facts
• Durkheim and Anomie
• Strain Theory

Radical Criminology
• Principles
• New Criminology
• Critical Criminology
• Key Texts

Right Wing Criminology
• New Right, Conservative Criminology
• Crime rates
• Solutions to crime
• Police and Policing
• Punishment

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