The original publishers of Sociology and You (Glencoe) made a bit of an effort to produce branded PowerPoint resources to accompany each chapter and while there’s nothing very special about them – they’re pretty much bog-standard “text on a white background” slides – these ready-made resources can be useful as a way of introducing key ideas, concepts and theories to students. In the main they take the format of a chapter preview, key terms with short definitions and some expanded text that variously includes discussion and / or simple multiple choice questions.

If you just want these resources, they are the first link under each chapter heading but I’ve also included further PowerPoint resources created by various teachers (check the metadata if you want to know who) that seem to reference, directly or indirectly, this particular textbook.

These teacher created slides are something of a mixed bag: while some focus on key points and the information that can be built around them others attempt to be a little more audience-interactive by including simple activities and questions based around the slides. For both types the slides are pretty basic – mainly text with a few pictures that move.

Sort of.

We are talking 2010.

As with the textbook, the examples and illustrations used in the Presentations mainly refer to North America (although Canada doesn’t get much of a look-in) so this is something you either need to embrace or change by substituting examples drawn from your own cultural setting. The choice, as they say, is yours.

Introduction to Sociology: Introduction to Sociology | Founders of Sociology

Culture: Culture | What is Culture? | Society and Culture 

Socialisation: Aspects of Socialisation | Socialisation | Socialisation and The Self 

Social Structure: Social Structure, Societies, Status and Roles | Status and Role

Groups and Formal Organisations: Societies, Groups and Networks | Types of Social InteractionGroupthinkMilgram Obedience Experiment

Deviance: Deviance and Social ControlWhat is deviance? | Deviance and Social Control 

Social Classes: Stratification and Social Mobility 

Race and Ethnic Groups: Race and Ethnicity | Race | Types of Group Treatment | Minority Groups

Collective Movements and Social Change: Social Movements and Social ChangeSocial ChangeCollective Behaviour

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