The second part of the Crime and Deviance Revision series (the first, if you missed it,  involves revision booklets) is devoted to a range of PowerPoint Presentations that I’ve collected from various places. Just have a look at the document properties if you want to know who created them.

The quality of the Presentations is “variable” at times so it’s probably a case of having a look at any that take your fancy to see if they’re something you can use. You also need to keep in mind the date when some of these were created (again, just check the document properties).

Although most of the Presentations are just a relatively simple mix of text and graphics, some include links to YouTube videos (which you can, of course, edit accordingly if you want) and some are a little more interactive in terms of their content (posing questions, setting short exercises and the like).

Although I’ve signposted the Presentations as a revision resource there’s no reason why you couldn’t incorporate some of these into your everyday teaching if you like to use PowerPoint. They can, of course, be edited to your particular requirements.

The Presentations (all 25 of them…) are as follows:

1. Crime and Deviance Revision: All Modules

2. Subcultural Theories
3. Marxism
4. Functionalism
5. Labelling
6. Realism
7. Postmodernism

Social Distribution
8. Social Class
9. Ethnicity
10. Gender
11. Age
12. Gender 2
13. Ethnicity 2
14. Crime and Youth
15. Crime and ethnicity
16. Theories of Youth Crime
17. Youth and Crime 2
18. Crime and Youth 3
19. Postmodern Youth

20. State, global and green crime

Criminal Justice
21. Policing and Criminal Justice
22. Crime victims

Measuring Crime
23. Measuring Crime
24. Measuring Crime 2

Crime and Media
25. Crime and Media

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