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Another example of state crime: “CIA medical staff gave specifications on how to torture post-9/11 detainees”

Toxic Masculinity and Murder

Leading public health bodies call for decriminalisation of drugs

“Chinese university puts CCTV in dormitories to encourage ‘good study habits'”

Fingerprint matching is biased by the assessor’s prejudices

Amoral panics video


Home schooling: Councils call for pupils’ education register

Interesting US data on class, ethnicity and educational achievement (Spoiler: confirms all you suspected)

A-level subject choice is strongly influenced by genes, scientists say

DfE fails to rebroker 70 per cent of failing academies

It’s lazy to blame video games for young men’s educational failures

Parents who think failure is harmful to learning have children who think ability is fixed

Pygmalion in the Classroom – Mark 2? “How understanding the brain affects learning potential”

Culture and Identity

Jo Cox murder suspect tells court his name is ‘death to traitors, freedom for Britain’

Interesting take on National Identity “Brexit being driven by English nationalism will end in self-rule”

Nice example of changing norms “How phone snubbing—“phubbing”—becomes socially acceptable”

Babies are not blank slates


Example of a new(ish) type of household? “I have 500 flatmates: London rediscovers co-housing” – video

Family Life “One roof, three homes: America catches on to multigenerational living – video”

Social Inequality

The truth about working for Deliveroo, Uber and the on-demand economy


Fascinating, detailed analysis of how DailyMail uses news pages to promote Brexit propaganda

Theory and Methods

Simple sociological dress-code experiment exposes sexist attitudes and practices

Social Policy “Should academics be expected to change policy?” 6 reasons why not…

What do Liberal and Radical Feminist Believe?

Robert Merton’s Internal Critique of Functionalism


Teaching Psychology? Have a look at this preview of “Classroom posters for psychological approaches”

Psychology A-level student Facebook group


Beginner’s Guide to Twitter (the crib sheet)

The Weekly Routine of a Straight A Student (with 8 steps to create your own)

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